What Are The Duties & Responsibilities of a Sales Person?


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A sales person should assist customers in selecting products, answer their questions about the products, and about any other thing concerning the business, keep a check on the inventory, sales  goods, increase sales and the profitability of the store, keep the store up to standard by keeping it clean and report to the manager of the store appropriately.

While these are the general duties expected of any sales person, the duties and responsibilities delegated to a sales person depend largely on the nature of business. In some businesses, a sales person is not called ‘Sales Person’ but rather something like ‘account executive’, ‘account representative’, ‘sales associate’, and much more. The sales person job description is evident in multiple industries including Pharmaceutical Sales, Insurance Sales, Retail Sales and Internet Sales..

Therefore, the role of a sales person in the Pharmaceutical industry may not be the same with a sales person in the Insurance Sales or in the Internet Sales. While a sales person in the Retail Sales may be in a store attending to customers, an Insurance Sales person is required to be out in the field and sell the insurance to customers.

Sales Representatives play a major role in the success of their individual companies. They are the reason clients, customers or buyers may either be satisfied or not. And they are required to make the best of this opportunity by offering quality service to customers. They are supposed to know the ‘ins and outs’ of their company’s products and services so they can educate clients on how these products and services can be used to reduce costs or increase revenue. More often than not, a sales person is required to spend much time travelling and visiting prospective buyers and current clients to remind them how committed the company is to satisfying their personal and business needs.
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The duties and responsibilities of the sales persons can vary depending upon the nature of the business. A sales person should have all the knowledge about the product so that he may communicate with the customers. He should sell the products with persuasion and it is the responsibility of sales person to satisfy the customers while they are looking for the products. Sales person should also handle and maintain the cash. Sales person is also responsible to greet the customers, to help the customers in identifying their requirements, to promote products, to answer the customers’ questions regarding the products, to negotiate the price on the spot, to arrange the merchandise properly and to supervise the ordering the supplies.
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1. Make calls that is get new customers to buy the company's products
2. Check on existing customers
3. Overcome all objections from customers and make sales.
4. Build lasting relationship with customers
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They need to sell stuff. They need to be very confident in speaking and must target everyone as their customer.
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To satisfy and handle the customers and made them to buy a product if you think they are interested in some but not willing to buy due to the price
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The Sales man is responsible for the organization development within the product, and geographical area. He or she will work with the customers, prospects and colleague's to achieve the target goals of the firm or individual.

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