Can You Describe The Most Rewarding And Most Stressful Aspect Of Your Job Or Your College Experience?


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The most rewarding aspect of my college experience is the gaining of knowledge. The most stressful aspect is having all of my papers due on the same day. Or having 4 tests on the same day. And giving oral presentations stresses me out to no end.
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For college, the most stressful thing was trying to get everything done at once. I think I overextended myself by taking 17 credit hours plus working two part time jobs. Actually, that is about where I am right now, too! As for work, I love being able to help students (I work for an online high school). We get a lot a women who got pregnant in high school, dropped out, and now have decided to earn a diploma. It feels good getting to help them achieve their goals. The most stressful part about my job is that I have a few different bosses, and sometimes they tell me to do totally different things. I don't have just one person that I am under, so sometimes it's hard to decide who I should listen too. Interesting question, thanks!

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