Briefly Describe The Most Difficult Project That You Found Challenging Or Rewarding In Your Previous Working Places?


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This is a common interview question that is posed by employers. There are a number of answers that can be given and some examples are:

• Working to a deadline to complete an important task
This shows the interviewer that you are able to meet deadlines, no matter how difficult they are to meet. This is a particularly positive strength to have in any job, as employers will want to know that their employees are committed and hard-working enough to meet deadlines that may be set for them to complete difficult tasks. You also need to show that meeting the deadline, even though it was tough, was a satisfying experience.

• Making a difficult decision that led to the job being completed
Sometimes it is important that workers make a difficult decision when something is expected of them. This shows the interviewer that the person being interviewed is prepared to take a stand on certain issues, and work outside of the normal realm of responsibilities expected of them. It also shows that the person is able to think on their feet, and use initiative to get things done. The satisfaction of completing the task, despite the difficulty should be highlighted.

• Dealing with irate customers
When a company employs people it is reasonable to expect them to be able to deal with customers from time to time, and not all customers are pleasant. If a person is able to show that they have dealt with irate customers, it is likely to stand them in good stead at interviews. This is because an employee will be looking for somebody who remains calm in awkward situations. This should also be highlighted at the interview, if asked this question.

Above all, an employer will be looking for somebody who can remain calm, even in difficult and pressing situations.

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