What Are The Right Questions To Ask In An Interview For An Accounts Clerk?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
If you want to appoint you an account clerk, the first and foremost suggestion that I would like to suggest to you while taking interview is that ask very few questions about the subject itself. Because even if he has a bit of confusion about the subject, he can be trained to handle it well. The aspect that you should concentrate upon is what kind of man he is. Ask some general questions with the help of which you can decide about the qualities that are imbued in him and that can help you find a person who is of integrity.

There are some other qualities also that you should look upon and prime among them is the enthusiasm of the person. If you find that the person is quite enthusiastic about the job, then certainly he can be trained to handle any job and you should frame your questions in such a way that help you to decide about these qualities.

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