How Do You Like To Be Treated By Your Boss Or Manager?


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I have worked for several bosses. The best one ensured that he knew what your rights were, and that you received them. He was fair and treated us without bias or favour. He was approachable and protected us from outside criticism. If he felt you had done something wrong he would tell you in private, and in such a way that you felt you had been advised by a wise elder - not chewed out. As a result we felt valued and were loyal.
Sadly my current boss is almost the exact opposite.
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That is sad, it's hard to work for someone who doesn't treat the staff as valuable members of the business.
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I like to be treated fairly and given credit where credit is due, I expect feedback regarding my performance. If I need to imptove, I expect guidance to steer me in the right direction. I also want to know what is expected of me and what I can expect of my manager.

Strong leadership is certainly a plus, but my work ethic demands that I do the best I can in any situation. A good manager may motivate me to work harder, but I would never do less than I am capable of doing.
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Everything here sounds really good, robbier44. I think those who told you that you were managing with your heart and not your head were wrong. It takes a combination of both to get the best from people. I also really respect and identify with your work ethic. :)
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Definitely would want a list of expectations from my boss. A boss that can has good leadership qualities and can motivate employees is critical because it takes different methods to motivate all types of people. A boss that is strict but knows when to show compassion is another trait I would look for in a supervisor. And, a boss that earns the respect of his/her employees is so important. I've worked for many bosses but the one I the remember most is the one that said "I'm wrong" and wasn't afraid to admit it. He earned all of our respect!
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I agree, I think it's so important to admit our mistakes. I think some management people might see this as a sign of weakness, but I think it's more important to be honest.
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A boss who will interact with his staff and invite comment on improving the business. As a staff nurse, I have had good ideas that have improved patient care from all levels of staff from the cleaning staff to the medical staff and of course the most important element, the patients themselves. If the staff are made to feel a connection with the manager it will improve any service.
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Really good point. Everyone wants to feel they have something to contribute and the manager who can recognize and foster that will inspire the staff to give their best.
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Be nice to them, understanding, caring and look after them. Make sure they have nice facilities and remember they are human too!
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The boss who encourages his employees, motivate me. Where the boss motivates his employees the organization will prosper more.

Regarding the second question I would do a good job
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I've never been the kind of employee that wants to be "best friends" with the boss. I am, however, a very hard worker, know my job very well, have integrity and passion for my job. I like to be treated with respect and honesty. Currently, I have a female boss that is more into where you bought your shoes or how much you come into her office to chit chat (i.e. Kiss behind). She lacks professionalism and talks about other employees behind their backs. She makes my life a living hell because she would perfer to have her employees be "ready-made" best friends, that an employee that is loyal. This is the first female boss I've ever had and I feel she gives other female bosses a bad name.
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I would rather have a boss that tells me what to do in high detail but lets me do most the work myself without any advice.

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