What are the advantages and disadvantages of using customer relationship management?


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Hello Naomi, well what could be a disadvantage - the staff working in customer relationships do not have good empathy and communication skills [or some of them do] that can kill business. The opposite you employ staff with initiative, with enthusiam, with high social skills, who can deal with emotional customers, and calm down aggressive one's who are unhappy with the service. In other words turn a negative [complaint] if you like, enquiry, into a RESULT! WHICH IS POSITIVE. It essential to have good relationship management methods that have been tried and tested for a particular Brand, and the style and temp of the organisation - it's not the same in all companies. What is the same is that people are diverse, each customer needs to be treated and dealt with uniquely, and above all, whoever is performing customer services, working in that areas, and even simply sales, you need to be a good listener. Hope useful.

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