How Should I Present Myself Before The Interviewer To Be Better Than Others?


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When you present yourself for an interview a number of things will help you to appear ahead of other interviewees.

Firstly, it's very important to make a good first impression so looking good hepls. You need to think about what you'll wear for the interview but what ever you choose make sure you look tidy and comfortable. Don't forget as you walk through the door this is the first impression people get of you. Your clothes don't need to be a fashion statement , more important is clean, neat and tidy .
You need to think very hard about the job and how you can ask questions at the interview. Make it clear that you've read and understood any literature the interviewers gave sent you in advance of the interview. They may ask can you do all the tasks on the job description. If you haven't read it you're stuck!
If you can't do everything - tell them you are very willing to learn and would welcome the chance to take any training courses that are on offer. Prepare yourself well in advance and good luck.
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I have done my graduation in and currently doing post graduate diploma in financial plz tell me how to present my self in interview.

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