What Activities Are Better For Team Building?


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The basic idea behind team building events or activities is to develop a strong bond among the team members. Team building events provide a platform to member of a team where they may develop informal relations with each others and share their problems in a very friendly manner. Sometimes the purpose of arranging team building events is to raise the moral and spirit of the team. While some organizations arrange such activities to get to understand their employees better, i.e. who takes initiatives, who work for a team, who works under stress, who has the ability to take calculated risk etc?

There are two categories of Team building activities;
1. Indoor team building activities.
2. Outdoor team building activities.

Indoor team building activities: These are team building activities that are performed indoor, i.e. within a building or even can be performed with the company office itself. Indoor activities include playing chess, snooker, table-tennis, computer games that can be played on a Local Area Network (LAN), solving a puzzle in group etc.

Outdoor team building activities: Team building activities that to be performed in outer air. Companies do special arrangements to arrange outdoor activities. Following are activities that may be performed outside;Archery events, rock climbing, leadership, caving, mountain biking, mountain bike orienteering, hill walks and ridge scrambling etc.
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I work with juviniles and we use lots of team building activities. Their favorite is cheap and lots of fun. We devide them into teams and give them a bag of large marshmellows and a bag of small ones. We give them a box of spaghetti and a time limit. The team that can build the tallest structure that can stand on it's own wins! This is not as easy as you think but it is tons of fun.
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The most important in the development of a team is the communication and mutual goal achievement planes team work efficiently if goal is the same for the whole team members that are participating in the team.
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Getting all the people to work as one with Tug of War or dancing.Or anything where they have to work in unison to have susses!And working together will be rewarded, and not will mean failure!
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Believe it or not, a little nonsense and mischief can lead to great team building.

The best team building exercise I was involved in took place at a casino. We were divided in to three teams. We were each given $20. We could choose to keep it or gamble it. At the end of the evening, the team that won the most money collectively got to split the prize (this kept people honest and got people to use their brains as to continue gambling, stopping, trying games they were good at. It was fun...but our team LOST!

Variation of rock,paper, scissor.
Form two teams of equal numbers, facing each other. For each turn, the teams will need to decide which of the three characters they will be;

Wizards - stretch out their hands, wiggle their fingers and go "kazaam".
Giants - put their hands in the air, jump up and down and make a low growling noise
Goblins - crouch on the ground, wave their hands at their ears and make a high pitch cackle.

The rules are as follows;
Wizard beats Giants
Giants beat Goblins
Goblins beat Wizards
If both teams choose the same character, then it's a draw, and the teams have to choose again.

Teams line up a few feet apart, with each team having an agreed "safe" base to return to. The game facilitator, counts down the turn - "three, two, one, GO!" and on the word go, each team acts out their character. The winning team then can chase and catch a member from the losing team. Anyone caught before they reach the safe base has to join the winning team. Keep the game going until all the players are in the same team.

Building A Giant
Items: Paperclips, cardboard
The team that builds the tallest thing (can be a man, building, etc) wins. People have to brainstorm and collaborate.

Win, Loose or Draw
Divide in to teams, always fun

Adult Amusement Facilities
Everyone goes to an adult like arcade (Dave & Buster's)
Divide in to two teams
You are given $5 each, the team that collect the most tickets at the end of an hour pulls their tickets and redeems them for a prize to be prominently displayed.
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The better activities for a team building is first searching of people that have same goals, same passion of work and that can communicate their message to other people. they can spread the message and their goals to the other people. so devoted person are required for making a team batter.
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THE most important part is making them rely on each other, by dividing any task into the members of the team.It has proved to eliminate enmity between team members.
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I would say that good communication, personality and being respectful will have important role. For instance, as a manager you are responsible for looking after staff, making sure they reach their target. In order to motivate them so you will have to have good spoken English and be friendly to them. However, if your manager forces you to do something so what will you do? You will probably get angry, or shout at them and that depends on your mood and personality, but if your manager knows how to treat their staff then they will have good interaction, will have effective business and the staff will be happy to do their job.
The manager or the boss is responsible how to motivate staff to do their task, in order to do that good communication and being friendly enough to have an effective team.
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In order to develop team building. There must be bonding created in every individual in a team. This is to enhance team efforts and communications needed to maximize team play like in a regular basketball team ^^

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