What Is The Best Way To Prepare For An SSB Interview?


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4 SSB it requires very good preparation, here is what you should do atleast:
- Must have excersice in morning(least 1 KM run)
- Familiar with process such as Picture perception, Story writing, Planning.
- Knowing Hindi will be added preparation
- Prepare well for preparation Q's.
- Qualities: Self control, Motivate, LEadership Quality....

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Just be Cam, do what you ever do, they will get the best from you, don't show off, be natural, don't use ready made answers, be specific what you write , and what you said.

3 time SSB attender
Ashish Gusain
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Just give your 100%...what ever you have inside just bring that out but be true to yourself and you would be true to don't learn to learn things they want a normal human being who is a balanced person..
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Be true and never have ready made answers.
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Listen you all aspiring guys stop bothering about complexity of picture presentation, look there is no hard and fast rule for it. The funda is be urself and when I talk about being yourself then I want to point out the positiveness in you. Nothing else. You must have a strong insight about natural things, must have ability to see life even in lifeless things thats it. And in the end your perception about the picture should always be in positive, it must signify the prevailment of the good in the end just like what happens in our bollywood masala films. You all got me.

Rajat kumar choudhary.
Aspiring army officer
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The interview depends on the role you are applied for, If technical role, The interviewer will ask the questions from your subject moreover what you are mentioned in the resume. Basically, In any stream of the interview, The interviewer will check your communication skill and confidence levels. Before attending any interview you need to practice the interview in real-time.

You can follow some interview blogs or attend some mock interviews in online. But, I preferred mock interviews because practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge. So, you select the better one to practice the interview.

I personally experienced the mock interview with InterviewBuddy- It is the best tool for practicing the interview and you can detailed expert’s feedback.

With this tool, you will get more questions on any domain of Interview.

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