What Are The Qualities To Qualify For An SSB Interview?


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If your aim is only to join indian army.nobudy can stops you to join army. Just you have to faith on urself.Thats it
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SSB is the Services Selection Interview. It is an elaborate (5 days) process which one qualifies for after clearing the written test. This interview is a critical part in the selection process in Army, Navy or Air Force. One needs to be hard working, disciplined and have "officer like"
qualities. SSB is an effective mechanism for the selection of officers with appropriate qualities to ensure that best human resources are available to the system.

Some of the qualities you would require are: Ability to: influence groups and keep secrets, take quick decisions. One is required to be alert, cheerful, co-operative, courageous, determined, disciplined, energetic, fair, honest, innovative, optimistic, intelligent, curious and healthy. One also needs to have good communication skills, a sense of responsibility, reasoning ability, resourcefulness, self-confidence, high social adaptability and stamina. Not to forget team spirit, willingness to delegate responsibility and take criticism cheerfully.
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Presence of mind and balanced personality.

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