What Are The Tasks Of A Professionl Manager?


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A professional manager is an expert, a salaried individual, trained and experienced enough to adeptly manage any type of organization be it a corporate house, a hotel, a social service organization, a hospital or a government agency. Management is an art of managing people and resources. It is also a science of using tested principles and applying scientifically based management theories. A professional manager is well-versed with both the art and science of management.

A professional manager or an asset fund manager for a mutual fund uses the money invested by people and invests them in selected stocks and bonds. In way, the professional manager is an extremely crucial entity in a mutual fund house. He is also responsible for distribution of dividends on stocks and interests on bonds to the mutual fund stock holders.

A professional manager or a chief administrative officer for a city has duties which include meeting with elected council to determine polices that are determined by the council and to notify council members and citizens about the local government operations. Discussing of certain reforms, installing a bridge, setting up new traffic plans, or proposing a new building-all these and many more things which can affect community life are some of the responsibilities of the professional manager in a township. He has to also ensure that citizens are communicated through the right channel. He is also responsible for preparing the annual budget, presenting it to elected officials for sanction and then implementing it, after it is approved. Listening to citizen grievances with regards to administration, civic problems, law and order and presenting the matter to the elected officials for appropriate actions are some of the tasks of a professional manager of a professional manager who is in charge of the administration of a city or a county.

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