What Are Different Roles Of Manager?


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  • Roles in interaction: Interpersonal 
    • Head of an organization
    • Leader
    • Center of communication
  • Communicative roles: Informational
    • Surveillant
    • Information sharer
    • Spokesperson

  • Roles in decision making:
    • Entrepreneur
    • Problem solver
    • Resource allocator
    • Negotiator
  • Role as change agent: Innovation
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There are different roles which a good manager has to play for efficient management. The ten roles are categorized into three groups including Interpersonal roles, Informational roles and Decisional roles.

The interpersonal roles of the manager show that manager is a figurehead of a company and he is the role model for the staff. Secondly, he is responsible for carrying out the managerial activities like training, staffing etc. Thirdly, manager should have a control over Liaison activities like networking and public relations.

In the Informational roles of a good manager, firstly comes information monitoring. Secondly, it is the role of manager to transfer transparent and legitimate information. Thirdly, he should have good communication skills because he is the spokesperson of the company.

In the decisional roles, manager should think as an entrepreneur. Secondly, he is the disturbance handler and he should review the strategies carefully. Thirdly, manager should also make good decisions for proper resource allocation. Moreover, manager acts as a negotiator for the company, therefore, he should be knowledgeable.

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