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There are many kinds of people management. Supervisors will take different stances of leadership, like being an autocratic manager, a paternal manager or a democratic manager. People management is essentially making sure that all people within an organisation are able to coordinate themselves effectively and work to a high standard. People management is the higher part of an organisation that ensures that work is being done correctly and to a consistently high standard.

Dependent on the manager, there can be different approaches to people management. Naturally, some businesses will require varying kinds of people management. In a large organisation that needs to create an incredibly quick culture change, an autocratic style of leadership will be required. This may not go down too well with employees and other managers, but the autocratic style will allow changes to be made quickly.

A democratic leadership style will be more suited to a company that has many employees who are there to create the ideas. Without this inspiration and creativity from the employees, the company wouldn’t be as efficient. It’s a firm’s responsibility to empower these people and ensure that they all have a say in the many different areas of the business. This democratic leadership style will be most popular within an economy that is relatively stable. During an economic downturn, creative licence can lose importance as financial stability is put at the forefront of the firm’s priorities.

People management varies substantially. Small businesses might have managers who take a more paternal approach to management, in that the other employees will have to be trained to provide the same quality product or service that the older managers do. In a large organisation, however, this paternal approach is not quite as feasible an option as it would be elsewhere.
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People management can be defined as the process of controlling and monitoring individuals. The concept of people management is widely used in organizations where the manager's most important task is to manage people. In order to increase the efficiency of the people the manager has to lead, motivate and inspire people. Sometimes rules are defined to manage people like time lines, duties etc. In order to manage the people Human Resource Departments are established in the organizations. These departments are specifically responsible to deal with people of organization.
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This is a very intresting summery of what a people management is.
Also where is says the most important job is to manage people well thats a bit obvisous

see is a bit of a idiot though ;)
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1 Services
a. Planning; job analysis, design, duty statements, job
b. Estimating / integrating demand and supply into total
c. Recruitment, selection, placement, induction and socialisation
of people.
2 Skills
a. Staff training and development (knowledge, skills, attitudes);
b. Leadership development (knowledge, conceptual skills, eg.
Critical thinking, mentoring, coaching, counselling);
c. Organisational development, facilitation of system
d. Career development, matching long term individual &
organisational needs.
3 Stimulating high performance
a. Meeting individual needs;
b. Job satisfaction & anticipating alienation;
c. Performance appraisal, 360: Feedback, rewards to performance
d. Behavioural & structural techniques to stimulate performance;
e. Compensation administration and handling problem employees.
4 Sustaining high performance
a. Providing leadership, benefits, services, working conditions
to maintain commitment to the organisation.
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Pls advise what's call people management?
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