What Is The Definition Of Sales Management?


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Sales management encompasses the entire selling effort. As a consumer you are only exposed to the ubiquitous salesman. But there is an intricate strategy that goes behind the salesman being there at your doorstep.

Sales management refers to this strategy. If you are the sales manager of your firm then at some point of time you will have to contend with the following issues while formulating your sales plan:

Mission of the firm
History of sales management within the firm
The nature of the market that the firm exists in
The type of competition - Intense, Cartel, New players
The sales budget allocated for the selling effort
Positioning of the product
Marketing as a support function for sales
Quality of personnel who will be executing the sales strategy
Choice of distribution channel
Usage of promotions

All these issues will pose serious and complex questions of even the most seasoned sales managers.
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Management is a large field and its scope is very vast. There are many areas of business which require effective management and sales management is no exception. It means controlling, organising, planning and directing sales. It is usually done by a sales manager. A key point in sales management is sales accountability- it is always important for all involved to focus firmly on the goals and at the same time improve the sales program wherever necessary.

Every good sales manger will develop a good rapport with the sales representatives that he manages. Sales management is a partnership between the sales representative and the sales manager. It therefore requires that both of these personnel share the responsibility of finding bottlenecks in the sales process. When both work as a team sales will definitely increase and so will profits.

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