What Are My Strength And Weakness For Customer Service Officer?


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  • If you are asked to identify your strengths and weaknesses for a job application to become a customer service officer, you need to make sure you stick to the point and describe the traits you have that are relevant to the job.

  • In terms of strengths, you need to firstly understand what the job role of customer service officer entails. Working in any customer service role means that you are going to have to deal with people on a regular basis. You are the first point of call when a customer has a query or problem. This means that you need to have excellent communication skills. Describe how you have obtained these skills by mentioning any previous experience or a situation that you have once had to use these skills.

  • Another strength you will need is the ability to listen well. You are going to have to deal with customer problems, so it is vital that you understand what their issue is. Furthermore, you need to be polite and professional; therefore if a customer is making a heated complaint, you will have the ability to resolve the situation in a calm and dignified manner.

  • One of the most important aspects you will need is knowledge of your trade, so that you can think quickly on your feet. Good problem solving skills are also useful as you will be expected to know the answer to a question directed at you from a customer.

  • Any weaknesses that you have related to this job role should be explained in a positive way. For example, if you have something that you feel you could improve on; mention that you have the ability so employers feel comfortable that you can get better.
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