What are the different ways to get a HR Executive job in Manufacturing/Automobile companies?


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Well... Research what the company position needs, and if you think you would be a good candidate, apply for the job.

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sivaperumal laksh
Thanks fedrick for your reply..
already i have done enough research. this is what i have done for past 6 months

I Have Tried Below Things :

1.Every Day I Am Checking The Job Portals& My Emails
2.Checking Job Openings In Quikr And Other Websites Like(Chennai.Click.In)
3.I Already Searched In Google For Which Are The Consultancies Are Linked With Manufacturing Companies Or Whether They Have Manufacturing Clients .
4. LINKEDIN - I Have Sent A Message To HR Executive€„¢S Who Are Already Working In Manufacturing Sectors.
5.I Already Asked Reference To My Friends Regarding Job.

Guys My Question Is There Any Other Way To Get A Job In Manufacturing Sectors.

If U Share Your Thoughts It Will Be Invaluable To My Career Growth

Please Share With Me If You Know The Any Consultancy They Are Having Manufacturing Clients Or Other Way.
Frederick Fisk
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Hm. I'd say, make a thorough list of the companies you would be interested in working with and periodically check them for "Now hiring" types of messages. Can't think of anything else right now, sorry. HR is quite a competitive spot. :)
sivaperumal laksh
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Now, it is not difficult to get a job in any profile due to
the availability of online job portals. The best way to get HR executive job in any reputed organization is to create your profile on every single job
portal, upload your resume and start applying for the jobs in your preferred
location. Do complete research about the company in which you want to hold a
position of HR and well-prepare for the interview.

Along with this, other ways to get a job is grow your
network by social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or get
in touch with your friends and family to two about new opportunities.

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