what are the strong point do you have as a product assistant???


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I see you're looking for help for a job application.  We can't give you answers that will work specifically for you.  But we CAN get your ideas flowing.

Think about your strengths in general.  Are you well organized?  Are you able to be highly focused?  Are you self motivated?

Here's a thought.  As an assistant, one of the best things you can do is provide support.  As you get better, your boss's job will get easier and easier.  What boss wouldn't appreciate that motivation?

(Be sure you use proper spelling and grammar on every answer.  Good luck!!!)

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princess tan
princess tan commented
my product is autocad it just a it product and my company is wordtext and my responsibility is a product assistant to do the order and everything did you help me???
thank you and i'm sorry for disturbing you i needit right a way
HappyTo BeHereTo
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Okay. To handle orders, an important skill is the ability to be "precise." Stress in your answer your diligence to be sure all details are accurate.
They'll also be concerned with "speed." They need you to process orders quickly as well as precisely.
The ability to "perform under pressure" is a boon to the business.

Here's an example answer:
"One of my strengths is to be accurate and thorough in my work. The quality of my work remains exact, regardless of the volume of orders, or deadlines for completing them."
princess tan
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thank you so much for helping me..
so much appreciated..
thank you again

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