What Are The Strong & Weak Points In The Interview Section?


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Interview is the impression of yours on the panel. It is the very first thing you are going to tell them about yourself so be assiduous in this regard. All of the points and steps in an interview can be your strengths if you work with them at your level best and if you are very able to do justice with them. On the other hand, all of the points will act as negative ones and they would be your weaknesses if you failed to do justice with them.
Use English language during an interview. Also focus on your educational qualifications and your job experience. Hope you must know how to explore the best part of yours. It is better to talk more but if you think that you are an outspoken person then you should mind talking very less.
Don't keep mum, you must say something if they are asking you. It is better to say even a single line if you don't know the answer of whatever they are asking you. One should be careful in facing the interview. It is important to dress decently. You should not look either casual or over-dressed. You should look fresh and active. Dull and slow runners will be rejected at a fast pace. Good luck!
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Hard worker,efficiency towards his/her job strong points
wasting too much of time by solving problems
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Hard work,trust and patient to the employee
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Hard worker,
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My strong points are
I am social , polite , cheerful, open hearted , broad minded, man of action, man of word , law abiding man and man of letters.

My week points are

I eat pun-get food, I watch T V at late night, I bear costly cloths,

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