In your opinion, what qualities make a good teacher?


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Jaimie JT answered

The ones that don't bang your head off a desk for talking to much -_- years later I'm still ticked off about that one.

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Anna Levi answered

The ability to teach without constantly giving out worksheets/reading off a powerpoint

The ability to control a class properly

Not having to resort to yelling when disciplining a pupil (because that usually doesn't help the matter)

Compassionate and understanding (and not bullying/making fun of pupils, e.g. Calling them stupid or other names etc)

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Barb Cala answered

Teaching is an underappreciated, underpaid career.  It's a miracle anyone goes into that field anymore .. Since they end up with kids whose parents have taken a hands off approach to their jobs AND expect teachers to do it all for their kids.  I think a good teacher would have to love teaching mostly for the rewards they get from the good students who benefit from their knowledge and encouragement.

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PJ Stein answered

Connectivity, creativity, and compassion. They have to be able to connect with their students. They should be able to make their students understand how what they are learning will be useful in their lives and make it interesting.

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KB Baldwin answered

Years and years out of college, I went back to the local community college and took a semester of Algebra - just for the mind stretching.  Had I had that teacher in High School, my entire career might have been different.  He managed to make algebra both easy and interesting.  And then tried to get me to take a semester of Trig, but I felt my mind had been stretched enough.  He was a great teacher - he could listen to your question, and then answer the question you should have been asking, but didn't knowe how. 

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Nealious James answered

Nina! Patience will have to be the first quality that a teacher need to
possess! He or she will also need to be serious, fun, loving and caring. A combination
of all these will be perfect and those getting taught will really enjoy such a
person. Hope this helps and all the best!

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