It's Been A Month Since My Job Interview And I've Heard Nothing. Does This Mean I Haven't Got The Job?


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Louise Gorman answered
It is possible that this is the case, particularly if the company seemed eager for new applicants to begin straight away. To put your mind at ease, contact the company and see what the situation is. There is always a chance that you still could have got the job.

If it turns out that you haven't, then ask why. It is always best to know why they didn't think you were suitable so that you can bear it in mind and improve for the next interview. If you contact the company but cannot get through, then perhaps you could pay a visit to the company directly, and inform them that you have received no response regarding you interview.

If you do not wish to telephone directly, or you don't wish to travel to the actual place, then drop them a letter or email asking them for the outcome of your interview.
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Yes, maybe that's the case. Many companies will not contact appliers for the job if they are rejected. It is still better to contact them regularly after your application. But is is already over now, you can still look for other jobs. Honestly, there are many jobs waiting for you there so don't lose trust ^^

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