How Can I Form A Professional Sales Plan?


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It is not very difficult to write a professional sales plan if you are methodical in your approach. The crux of any sales plan is the demand forecasting that you will have to do. You could take the help of various IT tools in the market. Business Intelligence tools such as Cognos and Business Objects are providing with intuitive forecasting tools.

You will have to use data from the market. If you are a new entrant then competitors data will be useful. This data can be obtained through many ways but the easiest is to commission a professional market research firm. Your sales plan should take into account the nature of the product, market, marco-economic factors, competition and your sales force competency.

A good sales plan will help a firm cut costs because then it will not over produce. Inventory carrying costs will be lower. Recruitment can be done accurately.
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Firstly, write down the aims and objectives that you have to achieve with the help of this plan. Then, list down what problems and obstacles you are likely to face during the execution of the plan.

Have one key factor in your strategy that is different from normal sales plans and write down how you plan to execute it. Set a realistic deadline for yourself and stick to it.

Obtain sample sales plans from resources such as the internet or a local library and use them as guidelines only, do not copy the entire content. Make a note of everything that you think of, and even have backup plans or solutions.

Try to organise your thoughts in a systematic manner. For this purpose, you can try out different types of mind mapping software like Freemind.

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