Can Anyone Send Me Reddy's Lab Previous (interview)questions?


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Given below are some sample interview questions for Reddy's lab:

What is the Trace metal clean process? Can you describe it? What is Agent Orange composed of? Can you define non competitive inhibition? What particular test is conducted for tyrosine? Define the concept of Anaplerotic pathways? What takes place due to the reaction between amino acids and alcohol? State what a chiral molecule is? What is lithipone? Define adjuvants.

What amino acids have sulphur in them? What reaction takes place at the time of the Sullivan test? Which are the two kinds of intermedins? Define the concept of glycosidic linkage. State the chemical formula for erythromycin. Define RF and explain the procedure used for the measurement of RF. What do you mean by the concept of transversion?

For more questions as well as for the answers for the above questions go to the given link -

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