Can You Send Me The SAP Basis Interview Questions?


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Some basic questions about SAP are given below.

What is SAP R/3?
What are the programming standards followed?
What is an instance?
How to take care of performance in ABAP Development?
What is the difference between 'Select single * ' and 'Select up to 1 rows'?
What Function does data dictionary perform?
Difference between domain and data element? What are aggregate object?
What is view? Different types of view. Explain?
What is step-loop? Explain all the steps?
What are the different functions used in sap script? What are the parameters used in each Function?
What are standard layouts sets in the SAP Script?
What is SAP Script? What is the purpose of SAP Script? Difference between
SAP Script and Report?
What is the difference between Get and Get Late?
What are Interactive Reports?
What are the commands used for interactive reports?
What is the difference between Primary key and Unique Key?
What is an RFC?
What are the events in Screen Programming?
What is an R DBMS?
How many layout sets can you create at a time?
What are the mass maintenance tools used in SAP r/3 like master data, maintenance?
What is SAP..? does it related to Database? and what is the basic concept?
Which functions are used to transfer an excel sheet to an sap system.
what is the difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous system copy?
what is SM37, SM31, SM30 ?
When is Material determination triggered?
what is difference between role and profile?
How instance is been used in sap application?
Difference between scripts and smart-forms?
What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?
Can you call report in sap script?
What is the advantage of structures? How do you use them in the ABAP programs?
Which transaction code can I used to analyze the performance of ABAP program?
On which even we can validate the input fields in module programs?
Difference between Search Helps and Match Codes?
How to create client independent tables?
What are the types of windows in SAP Script?
What are the function modules used in a SAP Script driver program?
What are Extracts?
What is LUW?
Different types of LUWs. What r they?
Logo in SAP Script?
What are lock objects?

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