I Want To Join Indian Army By Combined Defence Service Examination. So, What Material Should Be Used To Pass This Exam?


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You can get the combined defence service examination guides from book stalls. Not only these books - you must collect the overall general knowledge questions and answers and you should capture the current affairs from daily papers,magazines and media. Good luck.
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I am sanju Bisht studying B'com final year gender Male want to join indian army and get a chance to serve my nation faithfully .It is not only my dream but also my ambition right from my childhood
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I am prateek shukla of inter 1'sst year male want to join indian army
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I am going for my second interview ,in my first interview I was screen out ,please give me some tips to make it in this chance
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The UPSC holds an all-India competitive examination, known as the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE), twice a year. Graduates are eligible to enter these exams. The candidates who are successful in passing these exams are allowed or recruited to join the training academies of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) for the Army, the Naval Academy for the Navy and the Air Force Academy for the Air Force.

There are several guides and self help books that would help you to prepare for these exams. Further if you enquire you might also get the notes circulated by the institution itself where you have enrolled for these exams. But the best way to prepare for them is to keep yourself updated both physically and mentally. This can be done by gaining information on all the current issues and by collecting a lot of data on it. This can be done by reading several books and magazines like Competitive success and others. It is also advised to take the guidance of people who have previously undertaken this test or exams if possible as it would be invaluable and very helpful in assisting you to get through these exams.

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