What Is The Meaning Of Resume?


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Résumé is the American term used to mean roughly the same as CV in the UK. There are some differences however.

In the US a résumé is usually very brief and is used as the first stage in the recruitment process, if the role is academic or particularly skilled, the recruiter may then wish to see a CV, which is much more comprehensive.

In the UK we usually use the phrase CV as a blanket term for a document which outlines your past experience and skills and the more academic or skilled the role is, then the more comprehensive the CV is. Some companies, particularly UK subsidiaries of US companies, may use the word Résumé in their recruitment campaigns and should be taken to mean CV.

'CV' comes from the Latin phrase curriculum vitae, which literally means 'story of my life'. This is essentially what a CV should be; it should list your education, achievements, work history and hobbies. It is obviously geared towards getting you a job, so it should be positive about what you have done and achieved and contain the relevant skills and experience required for the role.

Other important information it should contain is contact details and current status, there is no point applying for a job if the recruiter cannot contact you, or you are not available to do the work.

CVs are often accompanied by a covering letter, while the CV aims to give the relevant details about yourself, a covering letter should aim to tell the recruiter, why you want the job and why you think you will succeed in the role.

Some roles will require a portfolio of work to back up your CV and covering letter, this usually applies to media roles, but could be true of almost any role.
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Hello. I am applying for a university and they asked for a resume. How do I fill it out like is it that way..
Name : Eba
Age 18
that kind of a thing or do I do it in an essay form ?? Help needed and the sooner the better
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Resume = curriculum vitae
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This word has two different pronunciations. The verb to resume is pronounced re-ZYOOM, and it means to start again after an interruption ("After finishing his military service, he resumed his previous studies.")

The noun is pronounced RE-zyoo-may or (in the original French (re-zyoo-MAY) and there is an accent on the last "e" which I can't reproduce here. In French and British English, this means a summary ("Can you give me a short resume of what happened?") In the US, and now sometimes in other English-speaking countries too, it usually means a document describing your work and education history, which is sent to a prospective employer. In UK English this document is usually called a curriculum vitae ("course of life" in Latin) or CV. Having a good resume or CV is usually considered one of the major keys to getting a good job.
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A resume is a description of what you are searching for in a certain field.
Your resume will include you employment history, education, goals, accomplishments.
Employers look for well delivered and professional information.
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Resume is the list of your experience, skills and educational background. To see the example of resume format just see the below link which helps you to make your own resume.

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