What is the salary of an ACCA in Canada?


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The salary of an individual in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA is from C$15,456 up to C$174,524 or an average hourly rate of C$32.50. Female ACCA's which accounts for almost 77% of ACCA's have an average salary of C$40,000 - C$49,132 while male ACCA's is only about 23% and have an average salary of C$49,132 - C$100,719. If you are an aspiring ACCA, here are some facts that you should also know about it:

  • There are current course outline is composed of 14 examinations.
  • The professional level has 3 required papers regarding Governance, Corporate Reporting, Risk and Ethics, and Business Analysis and 4 non-compulsory papers regarding Advanced Financial Management, Advanced Taxation, Advanced Performance Management, and Advanced Audit and Assurance wherein the examinee must choose to submit any 2.
  • The subjects that will be included in the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA are management accounting, financial accounting, financial reporting, company law, taxation, financial management and audit and assurance.
  • To become an official Chartered Certified Accountant, a person must undergo a series of required tests and training. First they must have the professional scheme and finish the 14 professional examinations. Then, they are to have three years of supervision with relevance to accountancy before they officially become a member of ACCA.

ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants examination course outline are updated on a regular basis. The most recent changes occurred in the year 2007 regarding the qualifications for the latest developments in the accountancy occupation and restructured the papers required in the examination.

Passing the examination is an excellent way to get promoted faster and for you to earn more as well. Certified accountants are also provided more opportunities for professional growth. They often receive offers from big corporations and are give special incentives.

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