What Would Be The Best Answer For The For This Interview Question: "What Have You Learned From Your Mistakes?"


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Mistakes are a learning opportunity. Everyone makes mistakes, so everyone has a learning opportunity. However, it is important how one approaches this learning experience.

I have learn a great deal about my abilities, my passion, and my personality from my mistakes. I have learned about my abilities. I have learned that I am not perfect, but I am always willing to learn something new. Every time I make a mistake, I am thankful because it was that mistake that helped make me a smarter person. I have learned about my passion. With every mistake I make, I am willing to learn something about it and retry it again. I have learned that I am not the type of person to give up. Finally, I have learned about my personality. With each mistake that I make, I become a better person because each mistake helps make me a more patient and accepting person. Those are the three main things that I have learned from my mistakes.
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If you are asked the question, "What have you learned from your mistakes?" You want to answer that your mistakes have helped you perform your job better, and that you have learned how you can do things more effectively than in the past.

Simply put, your mistakes were just you learning on how you can perform to your best.

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You could answer that you have learned that mistakes are key to success .
"I have learnt what I did not know before."
I think a short and impressive answer is a requirement of an interview.

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