Interviewer Asks "Tell Me About Your Five Strength And Weakness." What Is The Best Answer For This Question?


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Strength:1.I am a person with  good communication skills.
                2.I am a person with strong interpersonal skills
                3.I have good listening skills
                4.I like to mingle with people
                5.I am person who believes in sourcing , I am adjustable to the three situations we face in a job 1.easy  2. Hard  3.boring time.

Weakness:1.sometimes I get impatient.
           times I  take too many a task , where I could not accomplish them as I wanted.
                    3.I am a smoker , which I wanted to quit
           times I don't feel to ask for solutions , and get my self in trouble.
                    5.I don't share my happiness, which I feel secretive about.
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Before I go further I would first like to draw your attention on the meaning of what actually strength and weakness means .

Strength means the capability or the guts onto which a person shows any expertise. Whereas weakness can be defined as a deficiency of proficiency in doing so proving something.

Every human being is been related to different field and all have some strengths and some weakness . This can only be explain with the help of simple example . Lets suppose there is a person whose name is XYZ working in a bank . He is very good in accounts . He can easily calculate the problems but he didn't know how to use a computer, so account knowledge will be his strength and ignorance in computer will be his weakness .

Another example a female name ABC is very good in cooking but she doesn't know how to drive a car . Good cooking will be her strength and not knowing how to drive a car is her weakness .
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When anyone asks, for God's sake don't just tell them what your strengths are. Try to substantiate with live example of your life and at the same time when you tell your weakness be careful not to say too much. Also try to a draw positive outlook from your weaknesses.
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The main strength in interviewing is confidence of the candidate. I always perform well in interviews because of confidence. However nobody is perfect, therefore sometimes I feel nervousness when I hear candidates coming from the interview session sharing their experiences. However the key is to be more relaxed and calm. I try to keep myself as relaxed as possible. I feel quite good when interviewees ask about my strengths and feel quite uncomfortable about telling my weaknesses. I talk freely to the interviewees and usually deliver whatever I want to say about my competencies and my future plans. The other weakness could be that I feel butterflies in my stomach before going to interview which are removed when I actually go for interview. Before interviewing, I feel little nervous, but that nervousness gets removed when the interview starts.
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Our strengths are our work experience, our positive attitude, our power to communicate effectively, our ability to deal with disputes effectively and our ability to handle tough tasks.

Our weaknesses can be opposite of our strengths or what can become hurdle in way of our strengths. Our weaknesses are:
Our Inability to multi tasking, Inefficiency of doing work in short time, Inability to separate Personal issues with Professional ones or vice-versa.

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Interviewer Asks "tell Me About Your Five Strength And Weakness." What Is The Best Answer For This Question?
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Good communication skill
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1. Respect for himself and others.
2. Ambition.
3. Faithfullness
4. Caring
5. Resilience
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When asked...What are your strengths as well as your weaknesses...Just be honest! Tell the interviewer...If its something you know you are really good at, then tell them. Also if its something you know you're not so good at, tell them that too. Everyone has weaknesses. It's nothing to be ashamed of but if you're not honest, it can jepordize your job as well, so you want to tell them the truth.
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5 weaknesses:
Sometimes selfish for my own objectives.

5 strengths:
Quick learner
Hard working
Self motivated.
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When they ask you just tell them your good points and the points that let you down. Think positive and go in there with your head up and don't slouch when you sit down.
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Well, use big words that make you sound or let him/her know that you are successful. When you tell your weaknesses, don't be silly, childish, or include anything that could be deadly towards your hiring such as you are not good with people.
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Then you say "my strengths are 1.punctual 2. Professionalism 3. Believe in team spirit. In weakness you say: 1. Obsssesion towards work 2. Is I can't sit idle.

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