If An Interviewer Asks Me To Tell Me Something About Myself. Give Me An Answer And Example Too?


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I am a well rounded person.  I enjoy sports (name the sport you like to play or the team you root for), I have always enjoyed reading, I am currently reading (or are about to read) "Dick and Jane runs with Spot",  I feel education is the key to a successful life and career (I graduated high school one year early - or I placed 5th in a class of 82 - or I had a 3.8 GPA - or I am currently attending college - or I plan to further my education as soon as I can financially do so (anything that puts you in a good light in this area),  I enjoy communicating and solving problems in a challenging  work environment (in my former position I worked as a successful team member on a project that netted the company ------ dollars).  My family life is important to me, I am the Father of 3 boys (name them) and a wife that has supported my career for 22 years.   Susie was part of my decision making process and has encouraged me to seek employment with your company, James and Dodo Quack. On a personal level, we both feel it is a good fit in regard to the environmental concerns we are all being faced with today.    

Hope you find all or part of this scenario helpful.

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