Describes The Importance Of Responding To A Customer's Request In A Prompt And Professional Manner?


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Responding to a customer request in a prompt and professional manner is the key ingredient to effective customer service. Poor relations with clients has been proven to be an excellent way of making sure that the business or service involved does not do as well as comapnies that put their customer needs first.

This, naturally, doesn’t mean that all customer requests are reasonable and can be catered for, but that isn’t the point. Whatever a customer requests should be taken seriously and responded to promptly, and whatever the outcome, whether you are able to satisfy that request or not should be dealt with professionally.

Excellent customer service is something that consumers should be able to take for granted. After all, we are all consumers and know how we like to be treated, and, why enter an industry that demands high levels of customer service if you refuse to give it? Everyone, though, has their horror stories of how a service provider or retailer has failed to live up to what should be the norm, and you can guarantee that these stories get told to more people and more often than the stories extolling the virtues of another business. This word of mouth negative publicity can have huge impacts on the ultimate success of a business.

Responding to a customer’s request in a prompt and professional manner does not mean that you have to fawn all over them; it means that you are courteous and showing them that you are taking what they want seriously. If you can deal with it instantly, then it should be done so, if not, let them know what the situation is and let them know when you think you can give them a resolution. Whatever the outcome is, you need to respond when you say you will; this way you will earn the respect of your customer, and in all likelihood, repeat business.
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Well sweetie, that depends upon the question of the customer. What was the request? Maybe I can assist you in the future with a proper and professional response or manner. Remember, the customer always comes first, and the customer is always right, depending upon where you work. I am self employed, so I treat my customers with respect, until they try to jerk me around. Respond to me where you work, and possibly I can help you out.

Good luck, can't wait to hear from you.

Sharron, Jacksonville, FL
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One reason for providing a prompt response
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