If I Asked Your Previous Coworkers For Words To Describe You, What Would They Say?


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Gillian Smith answered
I think they'd say, talks too much, makes everyone work too hard and wants work done very well.

I hope that they'd say that I take a great pride in my work, am kind and understanding and a great listener. They'd also say that I was quite good natured, hate bad manners and intolerance, love animals and had a very good sense of humour. I'd have to have had to have worked with the last group of co-workers! I still work with some of them so we must like each other a little bit!
Mpho Jessica Nengwenani Profile
Mpho is a very ernegetic, person; she is a very funny and reliable person, always smiling. In whatever she does at work, she dedicates herself.
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They would say that I'm a really good worker, that I'm polite and that maybe I should relax a little bit , because it's hard on their nerves. I can't stop until the job is done.
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Carole, your last sentence remind me of a line in a movie that that came out of...he was a tough nut to crack. Probably just like you are but I can relate. Sometimes I do OT but we don't get paid for it. *rolls eyes*
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Jake answered
They would say that I'm a good worker but a little crazy and that I disregard my own saftey as needed to get the job done as fast as possible without endagering my coworkers
melissa childers Profile
They would say I'm pretty easy going..I love to get on, and that I am honest and a good friend.
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David Hurtado answered
They always call me slow and... I... Can't ... Understand ... What they mean... Er, no really.
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Sherry Bean answered
Organized in thought- I always seem to know what we should do next, and how we should do it.
Fast- When something happens (a person has a bloody nose or seizure, or anything), I am always the first there and caring for them.
Caring, Compassionate, Trustworthy, and Quiet.
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Joy Ryder answered

That I'm a piece of work.  Brutally honest, always making someone laugh, I tell it like i see it,  always running late, likeable.

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My coworker would call me pretty DOMINEERING and as Carole says, I do stay till the job is done. As I have mentioned, I do OT but we don't get paid for it. I'm annoying when it comes to wanting to get work done and my coworker doesn't do that. So...I guess I'm borderline to a manager and a great what I HOPE he would say!!!

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