I Have A Campus Interview For Wipro. So I Need To Know About That Company And The Latest Question Papers Please?


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A 6 letter word. 2nd 3rd 5th letters is a soap name. 456 indicates finish. 132 is a police report. 246 is a color
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Although I can not provide you with the latest questions papers but I can give you an overall pattern as well as questions for WIPRO Campus Placement Papers. Your average time for the paper would approximately be around 40 minutes. You overall pattern would be jumbled-10, analogy-7, odd man out-8, English alphabets pattern-5, c-5, microprocessor-3 and fill in series – some.

You also have multiple websites that provides you with question bank. I am sure this will make the job of studying much more easily and will also help you collect some confidence for the interview. These question banks also provides with you with the right answers. So don't you worry it is all in store for you and just a click away. All the Best!!
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I` m MBA student and my specialization is IT but my Academic record is bad like 2nd ,1st, 3rd could I get the chance to face the wipro interview or like other IT company interview. Suggest me now say the way

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