What Is The Yearly Salary For A Psychologist?


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Sensible question, though difficult to answer as psychology is such a large field and there are so many different branches. There is also a big difference between the public and private sector. In the UK (don't know where you are based) a state sector psychologist starts off at £20 000 or so, but the promotion prospects are considerable; while in the private sector, salaries can be four times that, though only if you are very experienced. The best information I've found on this profession is at learndirect.
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20K? - not really. This is for assistant psychologists who are not considered to be fully qualified since they are not chartered - i.e. They do not have the necessary post-graduate qualification (usually a doctorate but sometimes a masters) to be chartered but just an undergraduate degree. Chartered psychologists start at around 30K in the UK and go up to approx. 75K for very experienced psychologists - department heads with 20+ years or so experience (NHS). Privately incomes can rise quicker.
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I actually wanted to know what the annual income was for a psychologist assistant?I know they have to hold a bachelors degree and with that degree alone I was hoping that they would earn more than 20,000.dollars annually?

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