What Are The Similarities Between Management And Administration?


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There are a number of similarities between management and administration. Administrative functions quite often mirror the functions of a manager. Some similarities are:

• Staffing
The right people need to be employed in the right positions, at the right time and this is a role that both managers and administrators can achieve. The staff of a company is normally decided, based on their skills and their ability to complete the necessary tasks.

• Directing
This is a must in any organization, and requires extremely high skills in relationships. The directing of employees must always be carried out to benefit the business in the long run.

• Planning
Planning is a must when it comes to running a business, and there are different elements of planning that are important. It is vital for the planning stage to include what the company want to do, deciding how to achieve these goals, and who should achieve the goals. There are two distinct parts to planning, and these are long term and short term. The long term planning is normally affected by a number of smaller short term plans.

• Controlling
Control of an organization and its elements is a vital part of running any business. The control of staff, stock levels, and performance, are all important aspects of this element.

• Budgeting
One of the most important aspects of the running of an organization, budgeting controls must be implemented from the very early stages of the development of products and services. The budgeting is an administrative role, which is normally carried out by those at management level.
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Both can fulfill the same objectives i.e to get profit or some benefit from the business.
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Management is a part of administration. Without management administration can not be complitted.

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