How Do You Remove CVT Transmission On A Pocket Bike?


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Yooti Bhansali answered
The CVT (continuously variable transmission) is a type of transmission wherein the ratio of the rotational speeds of two different shafts can be varied on a continuous basis under a given limit, offering an endless number of probable ratios.

CVT is often confused with PST, that is, power split transmission which is used in vehicles that utilise two or more inputs and one output, in spite of there being some resembling factors in their functioning capabilities.

A CVT does not necessarily have to be automatic in nature, and it also does not have to contain zero output or reverse output. Elements of this type can be acclimatized to CVTs in particular functions.

I don't think a CVT can be removed from a pocket bike. You get pocket bikes with CVT already installed in them or they come without it.

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