Can You Tell Me Something Which Is Not Mentioned Your Resume?


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You can always tell them something interesting or amusing about yourself. Humour never fails anywhere. If you can make someone smile, even if its a professional interviewer that means you have left a good impression on them.

However if you are one of those people who gets really jittery in a job interview, maybe you should leave the humour out. In that case, you should tell them about certain specific achievements that you have accomplished on a job. Something that will leave a good impression.

Other things that you can talk about can be:

Your hobbies and interests
Your volunteer activities, (if you have volunteered for something)
If you were active in sports you can tell them about your achievement in sports or anything extra curricular.
You can always tell them something interesting or amusing about yourself.

If you need any more ideas, let me know and I will add to the list :)

I hope this helps.
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The recruiting process for any job these days is not just about the educational qualifications or experience of a particular candidate. It involves a personality assessment to ascertain if the candidate in question is stable and how comprehensive his over all development is. This is because apart from qualification and subject matter expertise a person is also expected to contribute towards the growth of a company via its employees and the ambience and most importantly is expected to be a team player.

Coming back to your question, what they are really looking at is information that says something about your personality. Like your hobbies, interests, goals, what motivates you, and why? As a person how involved are you with what's going on around you and if you have any views about it. More importantly how honest you are about your preferences and views.

You could tell them specific incidents that may have been instrumental in getting you where you are or where you want to reach.

Treat the write up about yourself as a mini biography; crisp, specific and simple and a window into who you are.
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There are many questions that an interviewer may ask that may relate to topics that are not specifically referenced in your resume.

For that reason, it's important to mentally rehearse your presentation - not only of your professional experience but of your personal life. Candidates are not defined by their resumes. There are many other aspects to consider, like personality and personal experience. Employers realize this - otherwise they wouldn't invite candidates for interviews and would simply hire based on resumes.

Before an interview, refamiliarize yourself not only with your professional experience, but aspects of your personal life. What is important to you? What are your personal goals? How does the job fit in with your life? Employers want to see a well-rounded, balanced person. Showing that work is more than 'just a job,' but that it fits in with your larger ambitions will make a favourable impression on the interviewer.
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I'm a God fearing woman,loving wife to my husband and good mother to my kids
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Usually I try to avoid giving references but when employer requests to me then I provide references.
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This is not actually the type of question to put at Blurtit.
Instead, you should ask something like 'If in an interview situation I am asked to tell them something whichi is not mentioned in my resume, what should I say?' However, I understand what you are asking and I will do my best to make some suggestions.

The most prominent things on any good resume or curriculum vitae are contact details, professional experience (with examples of successes, targets mets, promotions received or duties undertaken in the role). Also your education and your references and perhaps some interests or hobbies.

Perhaps you could tell them about a success sport that you are involved in at local, regional or national level or an experience in which you were particularly successful.

They are looking to see if your life extends beyond the tiny limited boundaries of your resume, so find something interesting and successful about yourself and tell them that.

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