What Is Deskilling ,reskilling And Up Skilling?


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When we say deskilling, we mean to say that to technological advances, work becomes more and more automated, reducing or at times eliminating the need for skilled labor. This is called deskilling because there is lesser need for skilled labor and the job can be performed by semi skilled or even unskilled labor using the machines. Re-skilling is a bit different; it basically refers to the fact that only those workers are retained by the companies who have some knowledge about how to use the technology. In re-skilling only workers with skills that match the new practices are retained. As mentioned earlier, the worker’s skill’s become obsolete when there is the introduction of technology that can perform work more efficiently. In some cases, organizations decide to go for up skilling, in which the skills of the current employees are improved by training. Additional skills are acquired to meet the new skill requirements.

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