I Need To Organize Myself At Work, What Should I Do?


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Mark Westbrook answered
First you need several things.

1) A in and out tray
2) Some Folders (6) and Pens
3) A good diary
4) A waste paper basket

First of all you use the in and out tray as somewhere to store all the emails that you receive, print them all and highlight the date. Take the folders and write the names of the days of the week on each. Then use the sixth folder and put beyond.

Put the date of any new meeting, deadlines etc in your diary, if you have one with a reminder on your computer, that's even better.

Sit the folders on your desk with the day of the week that today is on your desk. Anything that's got to be done by the end of each day, is placed in a folder. As each day comes you flip yesterday folder to the bottom and today's folder up. Once you've finished that days work, you simply work into the pile, always keeping todays folder on top.

If you have a project with several parts, put any of the work for next week and beyond into the Beyond folder.
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Rick Smith answered
To get and stay truly organized everything needs to have a place.This has been my nemisis in the past. Once you make a place for it, make sure you keep it. For filing I like to use a label printer to make the task of labling that much faster. Check out there you will find a huge selection of label printers.

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