What Qualifications Do I Need To Work In A Bar?


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In most cases you won't need any qualifications to work behind the bar as most bar jobs will give training. The amount you'll need to learn all depends on the type of bar you start working at. For instance, in a cocktail bar you'll need to know how to make all the cocktails. A few hours training and you be well on your way.
There are many pros and cons of working in a bar. The pros being you'll be able to get free drinks (but not while you're on the job ~ unless your boss lets you have one). You'll also meet a lot people and make a lot of friends.
The cons are the working hours, smoke and drunken people (fights). Some pubs will have a lot of smoke and some will have rules of no smoking at the bar. It won't be long until the smoking ban is enforced in England. So far Scotland and Ireland has a full no smoking ban.

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