What Qualifications Do I Need To Work In A Bank?


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Deemarcas Day answered
Good background, honesty, and ability to count money correctly.  It's also a plus to be friendly and professional.  Will probably start out as a teller, I know many who started there with only a high school education and did fine.  Of course, they didn't make a lot of money, but it is a good way to start and work your way up if you like it, or if not, a good reference for your resume.
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To work in a bank, you must be good at handling money, and have basic money and math skills. You should be pleasant and people oriented. You need to be a focused person with a good credit history.
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You will need a High School Graduation Certificate and the ability to count money, use a computer and know how to deal with customers in a pleasant manner.
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It helps if you have a penchant for Math.
High School Business Arithmetic is also useful. That's all I know.
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Well if your not looking to rob it ,you might need accounting and no criminal record
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Well the least education that you need it bachelors in business administration once you get that its very good that you also do masters it in I'm sure after you have done masters you can easily work at a very good post in a bank
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You need maths and many more

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