What Is A Nassau County Policeman's Salary?


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The Nassau County Police Department offers a Patrol Officer $92,432 or ninety two four hundred and thirty two thousand American Dollars. As a top base pay that is paid to its patrol officers it compares well with the pay offered by other police forces. The Suffolk County Police Department values its service men and women more at $94,417 annually while others pay much less. The NYPD pays $59,588, the New York State Troopers are paid $75,678, the Port Authority Police department pays $80,720 and the Metropolitan Transportation Authorities Police department pays far less at $68,781. The better pay offered by the Nassau county police department results in police officers transferring in from the NYPD. This attrition and low recruitment figures are now forcing the NYPD to raise salaries as well.
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Okay, let's change the NYPD salary to $ 76,488. That's with out night diff.,uniform allowance and holiday pay. So the average NYPD Police Officer will make with out overtime , $ 95,000.00 or Ninety Five Thousand American Dollars...

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