What Is Average Salary Of A Nanny?


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Afzaal Ahmad answered
It depends on different variables involved, i.e. Experience, Sense of Responsibility, Number of children, Living arrangements, Area in which you live and the Benefits you give to nanny. Also it varies from country to country. The average Nanny Salary in United States is    Live in (Average 45-50 hours) = $1600 - $2400 monthly  Live out (Average 45-50 hours) = $2000 - $2800 monthly  And if she is mother's helper = $8 - $13 per hour.
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About 75 dollars every day they are watched
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It should be around $1000 a month.
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Antonia Bella answered

The average salary depends on what nanny you have, what she works for you and how many hours she works. Every country is different and has a different lifestyle. There are a lot of nanny sites that can give you valuable information about the right amount to pay your nanny.

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