How To Prepare For Campus Interviews.?


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Campus interviews can be nerve-racking. It may be the first time you have seen the college or university for the first time - so besides new surroundings you are dealing with lots of questions! Remember, however, that college and university representatives may want to impress you as much as you want to impress them.

A campus interview is a chance for the institution to present itself to students. Therefore, a campus interview is not only about sharing information about yourself. It is also an opportunity to learn about the college or university. This simple fact may put you more at ease.

To prepare, do some research about the university or college and try to see how you would fit in. What could you bring to the university or college? Also try to articulate to yourself what your goals and dreams are for the future. Universities and colleges like nothing better than when their graduates succeed in the world, advertising their alma mater in the process.
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First check out the companies you're about to attend.Then collect all the previous placement papers of those companies.Then practice for those type of questions.Mostly you'll have objective type of questions where in you have to select the answer from given options.Practice well on Aptitude part as it carries more importance.Buy a 'Agarwal' Book if your in INDIA.Else practice on following type of problems:

*)Time and Distance


*)Time and Work


*)Profit Loss,etc..

Then have some idea of answering questions based on verbal and comprehension where in you need to answer questions which are based on the paragraph given above.You have to read those paragraph answer those questions.Also look for Synonyms and Antonyms.For that you can refer the

"GRE preparation by Barrons".

Also prepare for Logical questions
All The Best !
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The concept of 'campus' or campus placement is relatively recent in origin, but very beneficial to the recruiters and candidates alike. The candidates get an opportunity to access every possible job opportunity they qualify for. The recruiters, on the other hand, get to meet and interact with more candidates than most of their offices could ever accommodate or any classified could attract.

It is important for a candidate to be well informed about such placement opportunities, well in time. The announcements are made in newspapers, on television, the cable or the radio. However, most aspirants find out about the 'fairs' from friends. It is essential to indulge in a little research prior to visiting the venue. You need to get together certain documents and update information. You need to identify your basic skills and vocational pursuit. You can't end up looking confused at an offer or procrastinate. You also need to highlight on paper and verbally, your academic qualifications and career planning goals. Always keep in mind that most of the opportunities would require you to present your best at one shot. There is little or no time to prepare once you are there. Carry along many copies of your resume and try and gather as much information as you can about the companies present at the venue. This would give you a chance to customize your approach.

Never forget to take along your self-esteem and confidence. They are your most valuable assets.
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The interview questions are based on your subject skills. The interviewer will check your technical skills and communication skills, moreover confidence levels. Before attending the interview you can practice interview questions through some career guidance websites or practice mock interview in real-time. But, I prefer online mock interviews because practical knowledge is better than theoretical knowledge.

As my suggestion, online practice interviews are the best way to practice the interviews. It will help to boost your confidence for the actual interview. I would like to suggest InterviewBuddy-(Online mock interviews with experts) is the best online platform to practice any stream of an interview and you can get industry experts feedback. It will help to know the actual interview process and questions.

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I have am the interview which is given by the collage campus. I also prepare for getting the interview.

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