When Judging The Performance Of Others , What Factors Or Characteristics Are Most Important To You ?


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Carolyn Jones answered
When judging the performance of others there are a few key factors I'd be looking for. I assume that in this context you are looking at performance in a work or office environment as opposed to an artistic performance.

It is not always the best idea to judge someone by the targets they hit or the numbers they reach - although these must be taken into consideration. How these are achieved is more important. I look for communication, motivation and organisational skills.

Communication is a key point. Do they listen well? Do they take comments on board? Can they carry out an instruction without needing to refer back.

Do they work well with their co-workers. Are they friendly and approachable? Or are they abrupt?

Can they motivate their team mates? Do they work well in a team and just as well on their own? How happy are people to work with them?

Do they have good organisation skills? Can they lead effectively? Can they meet deadlines?

Do they critique their own work? Can they assess what they could do better and pu it into action?

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