How Would You Describe Your Key Competencies As Administrative Assistant?


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With the struggling economic climate and the competitiveness of the job market, it is important to know how your experiences and skills relate to the core competencies of a position you are interested in.  With experience comes the ability to see crossing interests and skills in regards to many different industries.  Knowing your own skills and how to relate them to a position you are applying for is going to be crucial in your success or failure in even being interviewed.  Never leave it to the reviewer of resumes to figure it out for you, you have to sell yourself. 

When applying for positions across industries it is a good idea to customize a version of your resume to highlight those skills and core competencies in order to effectively portray up front your skill level.  Generic resumes are dangerous in that they leave much to the imaginations of the reviewers, and let’s face it, no one has enough time to read between the lines and yours could be skipped just for this reason. 

A strong objective that summarizes your skill set and promotes you as exactly what every company is seeking is your best opportunity to set the tone of your resume.  Take the time to make it short, simple, direct and reflect you in every word.  These can catch the interest of the reader and make them want to know more.

The use of cover letters can accomplish the same goal and save time but they are often ignored in favor of the actual resume.  In today’s market, it is suggested that you employ both methods to ensure your resume is read and garners interest.  Never lie on your resume; you can spruce up your verbiage to make a janitorial job look better by referring to it as industrial maintenance engineer or something equally as wordy.  Good luck out there!
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The easiest way to answer this question is to look at the requirements of the job and how well your skills match up with these - or where you feel your personal qualities shine through.
Here are a few areas and examples;

Telephone Skills: I have a polite and clear telephone manner. I am comfortable with taking and delivering messages. I enjoy contacting people and creating relationships with colleagues on the phone.

Filing: I follow a strict filing system. I prioritise my filing and try to clear my desk by the end of the day. I don't like to put things aside to build up - I would rather do things as they appear so I'm on top of it.

Communication: I communicate well between colleagues, contacts and customers. I always aim to reply to a message within a day with appropriate action taken. I am efficient and personable.

Computer Skills: I have a working knowledge of all office packages on PCs and Macs. I am a competent typist and comfortable with word processing and spreadsheet software.
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As I have learned that call centers industry, Information
Technology definitely play a big role for innovations and
success to every organizations.. I am confident enough that
I can use my skills and abilities to maximize more my
knowledge and the same time it will benefits the company
itself. I am a fresh graduate and willing to be given a task
and give my very best to do my job.
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I've worked in the IT industry for three years.I am confident enough that I can use my experience and my skills to maximize more my knowledge and the same time it will benefits the company itself. I believe that the experience and skills that I have required to fulfill the role that's available. I have pleasant disposition, solid values and good mental attitude towards changes and challenges. I think I'd be a valuable asset to the firm and, from my experience, I'm sure I'd make a positive contribution to the company's ambition.

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