As A Graduate Retail Management Trainee, What Do You Think Your Key Priorities Would Be?


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Shafqat Jilani answered
As a graduate retail management trainee, you must prepare yourself for the challenges of future challenges. What is the purpose of your position as management trainees? Definitely, the aim is to prepare you for the futuristic needs of retail business.

The main issues you should focus on learning are.

How do they conduct and control the business?
What are the details of Supply chain management?
How do they buy from factories directly?
How does human resource function perform?
What pricing strategies they follow?
How do they display the products?
What type of product assortment they have?
How do they manage and control inventory?
What billing system they apply?
Who promotes the retail store and products?
Do they get sponsorship from manufacturers and suppliers for promotion?
What type of minimum shelf level they maintain?
What security and safety measures they apply against theft, fire, damages or robbery?
What type of financing they have from financial institutions?

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