Where Can I Find A Resume Objective For A Part Time Job/


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You will find a great example of a resume objective that could certainly be used for part-time jobs at www.squidoo.com/sampleresumeobjectives
A resume objective is crucial to the success of your entire resume. This is usually the first section a potential employer will read and so making a great first impression could be key to securing an interview and hopefully the job.

A resume objective should really sell yourself to a potential employer and so you need to make sure that you structure it in a way that it makes it sound like the job was designed for you - and no other candidate could possibly be as well suited to the role as you are.

Draw on your previous experience and qualifications in a succinct manner. Always make sure all spellings, punctuation and grammar are spot on as if you have some spelling mistakes in your resume objective there is a good chance the employer won't even bother reading the rest of your resume.

You should always learn by heart what you have put in your resume and resume objective, in case you are quizzed on a certain aspect of it while in a job interview. If you are hesitant or look surprised that you had put something in then it will look to the employer that you have made it up.
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You can write your objective for part time job as "To get employment for the winter 2007 where I can utilize my skills and experience and hopefully gain new skills and knowledge".
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Apparently, your resume is
the first thing that employers will read to select you for the interview. So,
it is important to create an impressive one. To find the resume objectives, you
must rely on the internet. You can find a variety of samples to consider with
the help of this major source of information. Moreover, there is one of the
leading job portals i.e, Monster India which has sample resumes that will help
you to get the idea of the pattern. If you still clueless, then this job portal
also offer resume writing service. They have packages that you can choose
depending on your needs and budget.

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Thanks for the answers. I think I will take the suggestion to look at other resumes.
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Is it ok to state in the objective field on a resume looking for a full or part time position? When I'm available for both?
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You can find out the best objective of your interest by finding out the sample resumes available on internet. If you do not find the solution of your problem then you may follow a resume pattern of some professionals.

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