What Are The Responsibilities Of An Administrative Assistant?


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Simply put, an administrative assistant is an assistant to the management. The title is reserved for someone who has the relevant multifaceted technical skill to help the management. The post can be well-suited to someone who can do justice to an aspect of the business like accounting, training, operations, marketing, computer-programming etc.

His responsibilities include:
• Anticipating the needs of his department and setting up or modifying the systems accordingly.
• Hiring and supervising the support staff.
• Scheduling the work flow and looking after the staff utilization.
• Acting as a link between the staff and the management.
• Writing reports, data compilation and processing correspondence requests.
• Preparing departmental budgets.
• Keeping a check on the expenditure of the department.
• Initiating the policy changes made by the management.
• Answering the queries and information sought by the staff.
• Planning activities within a department, cooperating with other departments and external clients.
• Fostering work ethics and striving to meet performance standards for his department.
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Able to supervise
good oral and written communication skills
wok in office management
prepare annual estimates of expenditure
supervise and coordinate the activities of staff
handle all the problems that arise
organize events and appointments
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Eat, Drink & Sleep
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Answering Phones and Scheduling Appointments
Preparing and Sending Correspondence
Writing and Preparing Reports, Documents, and Spreadsheets
Organizing and Running the Office
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