What are the qualities of good supervisor?


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Edward Franklin Profile
Edward Franklin answered
The major quality which a good supervisor must have is to generate results that the owner or management wants from his staff. He must ensure the quality of work and also that each worker is putting his full efforts and time in the work. On the other hand he must also have a good relationship with his co workers and able to remove their any insecurity if they are feeling in the working hours. These are key qualities of a good supervisor.
Betty Cheng Profile
Betty Cheng answered
Responsible, management skills, fast learner, reliable, trustworthy, honest, sales associate, and customer service experience
Susana Spears Profile
Susana Spears answered
The most important quality is to supervise and quality control the work of sub-ordinates and also motivate and energize them to do their work with sincerity. Management and leadership are two must qualities for a being a good supervisor.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
One that is very knowledgable, leads by example, remains calm no matter what happens, willing to listen to his team members, basically one liked by his/her peers

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