What Is The Difference Between A Theory X Manager And A Theory Y Manager?


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The basic difference in the theory X and theory Y manager is the perception of the ultimate incentives that will motivate individuals to work and dedicate the utmost of their potential to the job.

According to the theory X manager, the extrinsic needs of a person like wealth, materialistic luxuries, perks and bonuses are the ultimate way of motivating the individual to ameliorate his level of performance. According to the theory X manager, people do not like to work until they are coerced to and avoid it whenever possible. What is needed to solve this problem is to apply a carrot and stick approach.

As for the theory Y manager, he believes that if given the right circumstances a person would be willing to work hard and even accept added responsibility and challenge to his job. In this case, more weight is assigned to the intrinsic needs of a person as compared to the concentration on the extrinsic needs, which was the main case in theory X.
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The difference between theory x and theory y managers are: Theory x manager I result driving. They love prieses. They don't care about their under man but they care only about their job.
Theory x love to use fire or force to see their jobs done
while theory managers care about their employee and they love to build the employee capacities up.
Theory  y manager are like a twin mother who normally like to satisfy their kids. Theory y managers are normally satisfy both their employees and the organization.
Theory y love to use their brain on their under man inorder to carry on their jobs.
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What is difference beet win theory x and theory y if hr manager ask to me?

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